b. 1986, HK.




Kia Ora, I'm Rosie Percival, a visual communication designer and lapsed yoga teacher living in Wellington, New Zealand.

The spectrum of visual communication is broad, and it’s for that reason I love working in that space: whether you call me a digital designer, graphic designer, experience designer, UX/UI designer (or something along those lines)… if it involves collaboration, strategy, problem-solving and moving pixels, I can probably do it (or a least contribute to it in a team (or find out how)).

When working with clients (or stakeholders), I love taking them on the design journey and learning together. There shouldn’t be any surprises along the way, and that’s why I don’t like working in a silo (although I have and can… it can be lonely!)

My portfolio here is mainly for freelancing purposes and therefore shows mainly hi-fi outputs, rather than the design process or more UX-type work. I like doing freelance work that’s a little different from my bread and butter work — it’s nice to work across different disciples and still get involved in print design or more tactile work. My bread and butter work is in the tech and design space where I’ve been working for the last 10 years in various capacities (with some gaps for further study). 

As a freelancer, I can manage projects from client liaison through to delivery (and beyond). I also love to collaborate with other creatives and work with a network of designers, photographers, filmmakers, illustrators, developers, copyrighters and more.

There’s also a bunch of food-related work on my website, that’s because I love to balance online professional interests with offline (less computer-based) interests (food, yoga, rock climbing) and have an exciting personal project on the this space!

Feel free to contact me on for any enquires or collaborations.